Glee usa una sintonizzazione automatica eccessiva?
2016-07-04 09:04:37 UTC
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I know most pop music uses some auto tune, but I've heard a few Glee songs (against my will) and the auto tune seemed almost omnipresent! Does Glee use auto tune more than typical pop music normally does?

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2016-07-05 02:08:13 UTC
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The question itself is rather subjective as the 'pop music' genre in general is quite broad, and I don't think anyone could define what a typical pop song was.

Considering that Glee is primarily a TV show, with time and cost restraints. I would have assumed the actors wont have the same amount of time to get the vocals 'just perfect', in the same way a professional recording artist would (recording artist often layer vocal track after vocal track) and so autotune is a way to speed up this process.

That being said; in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Glee's music producer, Adam Anders is adamant that autotune is only used to create an accurate cover of the original track

We don't use auto-tune. It's complete BS. Do I edit the vocals? Of course... When things are autotuned, it's on purpose -- to match the original song, like Lady Gaga’s "Telephone,"

So to answer the question, autotune isn't used as much as you may think, and is definately not used any more than a 'typical' pop song.

Quindi, la risposta "ufficiale" è che non lo usano molto. Non stanno ammettendo di usarlo troppo, eh. ;)
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